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Business Tax Services

As a small business owner, you understand the complex challenges of operating and maintaining a successful enterprise. One field of expertise that may be too intricate to handle on your own, however, is business taxation. Mark D Witecki CPA CFP® CFE® EA CCFS® CDFA® specializes in state and federal tax planning and preparation, especially with how these pertain to your business. With our complete tax services in Schenectady, Mark Witecki, CPA is able to provide the insight necessary to save you money and ensure improved compliance at your place of business. 

Tax Services for Varying Business Entities

Tax laws are changing and with them, opportunities for deductions can be diverse, depending on your state, business entity, and vertical. Mark Witecki, CPA has experience working with businesses of varying structures, including:

S and C Corps

Your chosen entity influences important factors involved in creating a clear and accurate tax return, which is why understanding what works best for you is vital to formulating a financial strategy. Mark is able to determine what deductions are available, whether you work from home, are a part of a pass-through entity, or operate a business that takes into account wages in the form of tips, bonuses, and vacation pay. If you aren’t looking for it, you could be missing vital tax breaks for start-up costs, supplies, and travel related to your business.

As a tax professional who works with many corporations, Mark is well-versed in preparing and filing Form 1120 for US Corporation Income Tax Returns, as well as your business’ Schedule C and other documentation required by the IRS and state. 

State and Federal Business Tax Preparation in Schenectady

Many small business owners are most concerned with the federal tax giant (IRS), but state agencies can often be more aggressive in matters of taxation. Mark Witecki understands this and puts as much importance on state tax compliance as he does with the IRS. When filing your state tax return, Mark is diligent in ensuring that you have taken advantage of deductions available and do not miss a deadline. As an Enrolled Agent, Mark is certified to offer nation-wide tax services to clients who are outside of New York. For New York tax payers, Mark looks for applicable deductions that include clean heating fuel, green building credits, and even deductions available for hiring a veteran. 

If you have questions about your state or federal tax return, ask Schenectady tax accountant, Mark Witecki how he can help.

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