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Tax Problem Resolution

When you’re dealing with tax problems associated with audits and back taxes, it pays to have a professional at your side. Schenectady Enrolled Agent and Certifed Public Accountant, Mark Witecki, helps clients find solutions to troublesome tax issues, with regards to both federal and state taxes. With Mark’s experience and licensure, he can help clients from all over the US find relief for a multitude of tax problems.

Tax Problem Resolution: Federal and State Tax Issues

Through his Enrolled Agent licensure, Mark is able to practice nationwide. While based in NY, clients from the greater US are welcome to call Mark D Witecki CPA CFP® CFE® EA CCFS® CDFA® for more information on how to get started with tax problem resolution today. Mark’s range of tax problem resolution services includes: 

Sales Tax Audits – Specifically for New York State, sales tax audits can be a complex issue, which is why some CPAs aren’t comfortable handle them. However, as an experienced CPA and EA, Mark, sees great results with NY state sales tax audits and works alongside clients to fight for minimized liability. 

Residency Issues – If you’re dealing with tax complications in association with recent moves, involving more than one state fighting over local taxes owed, Mark possess the experience necessary to clarify what exactly is owed, file the proper forms, and ensure that disputes from multiple states are resolved. 

Payments and Installment Agreements - When you’re behind on taxes, have racked up penalty fees, or have underpaid on your previous tax return, the ability to manageably repay amounts owed can make all the difference. As a CPA and EA in Schenectady, Mark is able to negotiate repayment of back taxes and set up installment plans with the IRS and state. 

Mark knows that the IRS doesn’t enjoy completing repetitive audits or continuing to review taxpayer documentation -- they simply don’t have the time or the manpower. Mark, on the other hand, is devoted to serving clients and negotiates with the IRS to determine what you truly owe.  Even though some agencies, especially from the state, can be aggressive in their pursuit of tax money, Mark possesses a long-range view of client’s tax wellbeing and support clients through his own determined approach. 

Tax Audit Representation Services

Receiving notice of a tax audit can be daunting, especially if you aren’t sure what went wrong. In many circumstances, the state will automatically deny certain deductions, especially if miscellaneous deductions are greater than a certain number. This is especially true for artists and performers who may have minimal income and large expenses. In these cases, you may be required to send in proof of legitimate claims. 

Mark helps clients collect all necessary documents to supply to state and federal tax agencies and is thorough in providing supporting information. Mark intervenes with tax agencies on clients’ behalf to successfully argue their case, citing all relevant information - include past court hearings -- to ensure minimized liability.  While many accounting professionals are unwilling to put in the time, Mark is known for working diligently on a client’s behalf   and refusing to give up amounts that aren’t required to be repaid. If you’ve received a tax audit letter, call Schenectady Enrolled Agent and CPA Mark Witecki immediately for audit representation.

Ask Mark Witecki, EA, CPA about Tax Problem Solving

Mark centers his tax problems solving services around persistence, patience, and a knack for dealing with others. He spends all time necessary on the phone with representatives from both state and federal tax agencies to ensure that clients are not liable for anything they are not legally required to pay.

For more information on how Mark can help you, contact his Schenectady tax accounting office today for your consultation. 

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