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Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accountant in Schenectady

Forensic accounting is essential in complex bookkeeping matters regarding both personal and business matters. With forensic accounting services in Schenectady, Mark D Witecki CPA CFP® CFE® EA CCFS® CDFA® is able to pinpoint bookkeeping discrepancies and assist clients in understanding the financial and tax implications of significant life events. 

Personal Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting in general involves combing through important financial documents to pinpoint potential issues with number processing and identify areas that need attention. That precision level of data review is necessary in divorce proceedings to determine assets, tax liability, income, and expenses for either party. Mark D Witecki CPA CFP® CFE® EA CCFS® CDFA® assists attorneys and mediators by providing this accounting information and can also offer financial analysis used to support arguments in court. 

With an in-depth understanding of taxation issues involved in divorce proceedings, Mark Witecki, CPA is able to work through client documents methodically and analyze tax consequences of financial decisions. Mark D Witecki CPA CFP® CFE® EA CCFS® CDFA®’s approach to forensic accounting for divorce allows clients peace of mind knowing they have a professional on their side.  

General Forensic Accounting for Businesses

At your place of business, entrusting accounting data and transfer of cash to anyone other than yourself can be an intimidating prospect. This becomes even more complex when you suspect that money has gone missing or that financial documents do not create an accurate picture of your company’s cash flow. 

If you suspect fraud at your company, contact Mark D Witecki CPA CFP® CFE® EA CCFS® CDFA® for more information on forensic accounting. By closely reviewing bank statements, general ledgers, and determining lost profits and damages, Mark Witecki, CPA is able to help business owners regain financial clarity and stability. Should your fraud issue make it to court, documents prepared by Mark D Witecki CPA CFP® CFE® EA CCFS® CDFA® can help strengthen your case.Mark can also help public adjusters with financial analysis when determining business lossesdue to fire, theft, and other casualties.  Forensic accounting for business owners can also include:

Tax strategy to determine changes in liability
Report creation
Document collection
Data analysis

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As a CPA and member of the Divorce Planning Association, Mark Witecki is prepared to help business and individual clients gain greater insight into their finances through forensic accounting. For more information on how this service can benefit your company or serve your personal financial needs, contact Mark D Witecki CPA CFP® CFE® EA CCFS® CDFA® for a consultation. 

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