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Estate and Trust Taxes

Looking to the future and planning ahead is always a smart decision, especially when it comes to your personal financial wellness and that of your family. For many, retirement goals and being able to get the most out of their estates to provide for their loved ones are often at the top of their personal lists. If you have questions about estate and trust taxes, the Schenectady accounting firm of Mark D Witecki CPA CFP® CFE® EA CCFS® CDFA® provides the experience necessary to plan appropriately.

Get started with your estate planning in Schenectady, NY by asking Mark Witecki, CPA what he can do to help you make strategic financial decisions. Contact Mark D Witecki CPA CFP® CFE® EA CCFS® CDFA® today for your consultation!

Estate Planning and Trust Taxes

You don’t have to own large, expensive property or have multiple cars and homes to consider your assets an estate. If you have a savings account at all, or receive income from a business, you have an estate that requires management and planning for future distribution of benefits. As a tax-focused firm, Mark D Witecki CPA CFP® CFE® EA CCFS® CDFA® handles the preparation of federal and state fiduciary returns for your estate, which includes Schedule K-1 Form 1041, or the US tax return for estate and trusts. Mark Witecki helps determine income held in trusts and estates, based on evaluating the difference between balance sheets and the value of the estate itself.

Estate and trust taxes can easily become complicated, but they can be made clearer and easier to understand with help from qualified financial professionals. 

Retirement Planning

It’s never too early to think about your retirement plan. Your golden years can be your best, especially if you’re financially prepared to live the life you want in retirement. Mark Witecki helps clients understand the tax implications of their chosen retirement plan to minimize liability and keep more of their money in their pockets. Overspending on taxes can be costly, but making smart tax decisions can make all the difference in allowing you to enjoy the life you’ve imagined for yourself.

Mark goes through all various tax scenarios as they apply to your retirement finances and provides the information you need to make the best choice for your goals. 

Ask a Estate and Trust Tax Accountant in Schenectady!

Ask CPA and Certified Financial Planner, Mark Witecki, what you can do to minimize tax liability in matters of retirement planning, estate planning, and trust taxes. 

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