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Tax Planning

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While taxes may not have your attention throughout the year, taxpayers who reap the most benefit from tax season are those who are tax-minded all year long. If you’re having trouble keeping up with your tax goals, ask Mark Witecki about Schenectady tax planning for both federal and state.

Let Mark show you what a proactive approach to taxation can do to help you save more money and streamline the filing process. Contact Mark D Witecki CPA CFP® CFE® EA CCFS® CDFA® for your consultation. 

Tax Planning Services in Schenectady 

Mark’s tax planning services are diverse and built around your goals, whether this means you would like to save more money throughout the year, or have been moving for work and earned income in areas outside of NY. Tax planning with your personal goals in mind is invaluable.

Tax planning with Mark Witecki includes: 

Federal and State Taxes - An essential part of planning is working ahead to understand what’s expected of you. Mark assists with estimated tax calculations for both state and federal returns. In the event that you’ve earned income in multiple states, Mark is able to help clients strategize and allocate funds to reduce liability and pay taxes owed in a timely manner. For NY residents, Mark takes advantage of all applicable deductions. 

Tax Planning Across Multiple States - While New York is a high tax state and residents here must strategize accordingly to lower their tax bills, planning to move to a new state is also a complex process. For clients looking to make a new home elsewhere, Mark gets to know their goals and eliminates issues with multi-state taxation to avoid over taxation, which can make it hard to save for relocation. 

Retirement Planning - As a CPA who works closely with clients, Mark’s goal is to help them in a meaningful way. For many, this equate to thinking about taxes with their retirement plan in mind. Everyone wants to conserve funds to enjoy their retirement years, and tax planning can make a positive difference here. Mark is vital in helping clients avoid steep payments on their tax bill. 

The Value of Tax Planning

Mark’s focus on planning adds value to the entire tax process, whether filing for state or federal taxes. For many, it’s not enough to simply file tax documents each year. Making sure you’re maximizing deductions and reducing liability require forethought throughout the year. While this can be difficult to keep up with on your own, Mark’s tax acumen makes it possible for him to work alongside clients to meet their financial goals. 

Get Started on your Tax Plan -- Contact Mark Witecki Today

As a skilled tax professional, Mark provides comprehensive services for all parts of the tax preparation and filing process. Planning for your tax return starts well before tax season begins; don’t get caught unprepared. Contact Mark D Witecki CPA CFP® CFE® EA CCFS® CDFA® for more information about how Mark’s tax strategies and client focus can help you meet your personal financial goals. 

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